natural over the counter sleep aids

Natural Over The Counter Sleep Aids
If you’re sick and tired of having to take over the counter sleep aids to get a decent sleep, then you may need to turn to natural insomnia remedies. Believe it or not, OTC sleep aids & natural insomnia remedies share a bit in common. They both help you to get to sleep faster and they both help you to stay asleep longer. Unfortunately though, that is where the similarity ends and the differences begin.
Unlike with OTC or even prescription sleep aids, you won’t have to suffer from annoying side effects when using natural remedies for insomnia. This is because there are no chemicals and/or possible toxins/poisons (those of which are present in sleep aids) being introduced into your system.
natural over the counter sleep aids
Even though that sleeping pill may help you to sleep a bit better at night, you’re not yet seeing the negative effects it is having on your health — effects that might not be seen for years to come. On the other hand, natural insomnia remedies have none of these long term health drawbacks; thereby making it the perfect treatment for insomnia and sleep deprivation sufferers.
Aside from the side-effects and health issue, there is also a severe risk of dependency when taking these over the counter sleep aids. Obviously, you won’t be hooked on them during the first week; but after awhile, your body will REQUIRE them in order for you to fall asleep.
At a later stage of dependency, the drug won’t be “helping” you to fall asleep — it will be the one and only thing “allowing” you to sleep. This means if you don’t have any more of that particular sleep aid, you won’t be getting a restful sleep that night. And also, let’s not forget the colossal amount of money you’re going to be spending on this sleep aid each and every year.
Do you know how much money natural insomnia remedies will cost you? Less than a hundred dollars, if even that. This is because there is no fancy equipment, no over priced prescription drugs, and there’s no monthly doctor visits. In short, you’ll get the rest you so greatly deserve without spending a small fortune.
So, if asked to choose between over the counter sleep aids & natural insomnia remedies, which would you likely choose?

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