natural remedies for whitening skin

Homemade Skin Whitener – The 3 Natural Remedies

Are there dark patches on your face you want to get rid off? Do you want to smooth out the inconsistency in your skin? If these are the questions you have been asking yourself for a long time then what you need is a skin whitener.
There are several commercial skin whitening products available in the market and you can use them to lighten the dark patches and even your skin tone. Since there are so many whitening products available in the market it is important you lay your hands on the best skin whitener. However what will you do if you check out all the skin whitening products available in the market and like none? In that case you can opt for the home remedies.
natural remedies for whitening skin
There are several skin whitening remedies that have been in use for a pretty long time but you need to understand these home remedies will not offer you drastic results overnight. However you can be rest assured that the whitener home remedies will offer you quite good results sans the chemicals present in the commercial products. And trying out the best remedies is definitely worthwhile before going to your dermatologist for bleaching.
The 3 Natural Home Remedies
1) Potato Paste – Did you know that potato is considered the best by many people? You can just slice the potato and rub it on your skin. The potato juice contains a bleaching agent that will lighten your skin. You can also make a whitener potato paste by cutting a potato into half and grating it. Make a mushy paste out of your potato. Apply the paste on your face, let it dry and then rinse off with water. You need to do this twice daily.
2) Almond Paste – Almond is considered as the best by some because the almond meat consists of whitening agents. You will need to soak about 5 almonds overnight. In the morning peel the almonds and grate them to make a paste. Then all you have to do is apply the paste on your face, concentrating on the areas you want to lighten specifically. Rinse off the almond paste when it becomes dry. This is a great skin whitener and if you apply the almond paste daily for a few weeks you will see positive results.
3) Bearberry Supplements – This is one of the best skin whitener home remedies. These supplements are derived from the bearberry plants and also commonly known as uva ursi supplements. You can find the bearberry supplements in your local health store. The supplements act as whitener as they contain arbutin that makes the skin a few shades lighter. When you buy the supplement make sure it contains at least 20% arbutin. If you have two soft gels of bearberry supplements daily you will get positive results in a few weeks.

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