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Insomniac’s Natural Sleeping Aid
The room is fully dark now. He is lying in his bed and the only glow that he can see is the numbers on his clock. His eyes are still wide open. And he started thinking about the new laptop that he wants to buy or the schedule of his presentation next week. It keeps him awake and now he’s starting to doze off. But then again, the thought of his break up with his girlfriend starts to bother him. He begins to ask himself what happened to them, why he did the things he did and can he still have her back. The different thoughts and the things that he has to accomplish go on and on. He needs to sleep but he can’t because of these thoughts that keep on playing over and over again in his mind. After hours of lying wide awake in his bed, finally he drifted off to sleep. Even before he can get that good night sleep the alarm blasts and it’s time to wake up and go to work. This person is suffering from a sleeping disorder commonly known as insomnia and he needs to find natural sleep aid to prevent the condition from recurring.
natural sleeping aid
Nothing degrades good health more than less sleep. Sleep is vital because it rests the body and the mind from a day of work and activities. But people with insomnia find it hard to sleep or stay asleep during the night so they are in need of natural sleep aid to be able to sleep and not feel fatigued the next day. Before starting to engage in natural remedies, it is recommended to consult a doctor first. It is vitalto do this to know if the natural remedies that he chooses to use will be harmful or helpful to his condition and to his health. Here are some of the natural remedies that a person can engage into to treat or prevent insomnia. First on the list is an herb used by many as a remedy for insomnia, Valerian. This herb can be purchased over-the-counter and should be taken an hour before sleeping.
It takes about two to three weeks for Valerian to work and its side effects include headache, dizziness and palpitations, therefore it shouldn’t be taken for more than three months. Valerian shouldn’t be taken with any medications, with alcohol or by people with liver problems and those who are going or have gone through a surgery. Up next is a hormone naturally produced by the body, Melatonin. This natural remedy should be taken thirty minutes before going to bed and is not advisable to pregnant and nursing women and those who are suffering from serious illness like depression, schizophrenia and autoimmune diseases. Relaxing twenty minutes before sleeping is the most effective way of getting sleep and staying asleep. Some of the most effective relaxation techniques are visualization, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation. Maintaining proper diet and exercise is also vital in treating insomnia. Cutting out on caffeine and sugar intake is on top of the diet list.
There are four natural sleeping aid presented above. They are believed to be the most effective of the natural remedies. As signs and symptoms of insomnia start to appear, the person suffering from this condition to begin treating the sleeping disorder to avoid it being chronic.

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