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Natural Stress Relief Strategies for the Workplace

In these uncertain economic times, the average person is working harder but is less secure than ever about their employment future. This new reality, coupled with the demands on one’s time and pressures of deadlines, unreasonable bosses, office politics, difficult customers, etc., makes stress a given in most work environments. Implementing natural stress relief methods in the workplace is a must if you want to stay happy, healthy and productive.
The following natural stress relief strategies will help make the daily grind a bit easier:
Take Care of Yourself
Self care is the foundation of natural stress relief. Do not ignore your body’s basic needs. Get a good night’s sleep, exercise, stay hydrated and always eat a healthy breakfast with staying power. Say no to donuts and other processed breakfast fare. Nurturing your body like this will automatically reduce your base stress levels. You won’t sweat the small stuff as much and you’ll cope better with whatever stressors you face in the workplace.
Get Organized
Being disorganized on the job can greatly add to one’s stress because you feel out of control. Try this suggestion. When you first get to work in the morning, set a work agenda for the day and follow it. Knowing what needs to be done for the day and then doing it is a fantastic way to relieve stress naturally. Sure, when the unexpected happens, you’ll need to adjust your work schedule accordingly. Still, having an underlying “to-do” list empowers you to take action which reduces stress and encourages productivity!
natural stress relief
Develop Co-Worker Relationships
Whenever you can casually talk or even laugh at work, it can take the edge off the stress and anxiety that you may feel while on the job. Be a team player. Support others and allow others to support you in your work efforts. Avoiding office gossip will help you minimize work distractions and build positive rapport with co-workers and supervisors, which in turn will help your stress levels.
Make Wise Food Choices
Eating well is an important component of natural stress relief. Minimize or better yet, avoid sugar, junk food and excess caffeine. After the initial energy spike from these foods, your blood sugar will dive and so will you! It’s hard and stressful to get work done (and done well) when you don’t have the mental or physical stamina to do so. You will not be at your best on the job if you consume a large greasy meal and drink too many caffeinated drinks during the day. A healthy lunch which includes protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a better option.
Allow Yourself to Be Human
Don’t take everything or yourself so seriously in the workplace. While you want to do a good job and be recognized for your efforts, try not to place such high expectations on yourself that you can never relax. Sometimes mistakes and oversights happen. Nobody is infallible so don’t beat yourself up. Take responsibility for mistakes – people will respect you more – and work toward a solution. Some of the greatest discoveries known to mankind came out of mistakes. Every mistake is an opportunity to grow!
When you put these natural stress relief practices into practice, you will greatly reduce your stress levels and enjoy a better quality of life.
Jennifer Purcell is a stress management expert. After suffering for many years with unmanageable stress and anxiety, she stopped being a victim and found a way out for herself. After years of research and testing, she has brought together some of the best stress remedies she used to transform her life. If you want to go from high stress and anxiety to managing and reducing your stress effectively, then Jennifer is the right person for you. By incorporating a few techniques into your daily routine, you can transform your life as well.
Jennifer’s hands on experience and success has stoked a passion in her to help others avoid the pitfalls of stress and reclaim their lives. She now runs a website dedicated to educating her readers about effective and natural alternatives to medication for reducing stress and successful stress management.

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