natural supplements for low thyroid

Boost Low Thyroid Levels Naturally

Although the thyroid is a tiny gland located in our windpipe, it plays an essential part in a healthy lifestyle. Low thyroid levels can be responsible for many symptoms including weight gain, depression or moodiness, fatigue, an intolerance to cold, dry skin, thinning hair, memory lapses, heavy menstrual periods and constipation. Living with an underactive thyroid may drastically affect your quality of life.
natural supplements for low thyroid
Help from Vitamins
The natural way to boost low thyroid levels is by taking vitamins for energy. Vitamins such as B12 will help your body make better use of the energy in the food you eat, raising energy levels and reducing lethargy and fatigue.
Essential Minerals
Other minerals and supplements can also help including iodine, zinc and copper which are all recognized thyroid boosters. Magnesium also supports the thyroid helping with weight loss. Taking a balanced natural supplement which combines these ingredients will provide the thyroid gland with support and nourishment. There are formulas available from good vitamin suppliers which are specially formulated to support a healthy thyroid. They include a number of vitamins, minerals and herbs including B12, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, and L-Tyrosine which all combine to boost energy levels and maintain thyroid levels naturally.
Check your Diet
Finally, consider a change of diet. Too many processed carbohydrates in any diet will create a problem with energy. A switch to complex carbohydrates with high fiber content will benefit your whole body health. Wholemeal bread, proteins, fresh vegetables, fruit and a moderate daily portion of good fats will all help energy levels which will in turn help support healthy thyroid levels.

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