natural treatments for asthma

Natural Treatments For Asthma – Control Your Asthma!

You can get natural treatments for asthma by finding the cause; I usually keep a notepad next to me and see when my asthma occurs. I then try to look for a pattern and then try to find a solution, instead of masking it with prescribed medication. Below I will provide some reasons why our homes can trigger asthma symptoms and also the ways to prevent it from happening.
natural treatments for asthma
Many causes of asthma within the normal household home can be blamed on allergens such as dust mites, cockroaches and molds. A lot of people tend to neglect these and jump straight to prescribed medicine to fix their problems. Natural treatments for asthma with these allergens would simply be to:
Dust and dust mites
– Clean up surface dust as often as possible (floors, under the bed, inside the closest). Use a damp mop or damp cloth when you clean rather than a feather duster because they just distribute the dust throughout the room which is not what you want.
– Window coverings also attract dust. Use window shades or curtains made of plastic or other washable material for easy cleaning.
– Cockroaches have been found to be one of the most common and allergenic of indoor pests. Recent studies have found that the if the individual have are sensitive to cockroach allergens then the severity of asthma symptoms increase when there are presences of cockroaches.
– With cockroaches to prevent them then keep food and garbage in closed containers. Never leave food out in the kitchen. Mop the kitchen floor and wash countertops at least once a week.
– When humidity is high, molds can be a problem in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Make sure these areas have good air circulation and are cleaned often.
– To prevent mold, put the pillow in an airtight cover and tape the cover shut. Wash the pillow every week, and make sure to change it every year.

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