nature made sleep aid

Boiled Milk As a Natural Home Remedy Sleep Aid
Boiled milk has long been used in many traditions as a natural home remedy sleep aid. If you are looking for an alternative to prescription or over the counter sleep aids, you may want to consider drinking a glass of boiled milk before bed. Not only is it delicious and soothing, but boiled milk also contains certain substances that are purported to help people fall asleep easier.
One of the substances that milk contains that can help us fall sleep easier is the hormone melatonin. Melatonin supplements are often recommended as a natural over the counter sleep aid, and milk contains minute amounts of this hormone. Granted, the amount of melatonin contained in a glass of milk is much less than would be consumed if you were to take a supplement, however many people believe it still has a soporific effect.
nature made sleep aid
Another substance that milk contains that can help us doze off quicker is the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is known to induce drowsiness (it is often cited as the ingredient in turkey that makes us snooze off after a Thanksgiving feast!) and although the amount of tryptophan contained in a glass of milk as also quite minimal, it may contribute to help us calm down when we are getting ready to go to sleep.
One thing to note is that we should always drink organic rGBH-free milk. rGBH (Refined bovine growth hormone) is a hormone that is given to many cows to get them to produce more milk and is proven to come through into the milk that the cows produce. It is documented to have adverse effects on human health and so should be avoided! We want to consume the naturally occurring, sleep-inducing chemicals, not the man-made toxic ones!
“Why boil milk?” you may ask. Milk has a naturally congestive effect; in other words, drinking milk tends to cause us to produce excess mucus. This is generally uncomfortable and can interfere with our breathing and thus prevent us from experiencing comfortable sleep. Boiling milk gets rid of the congestive quality of milk, ensuring that it will not effect our breathing or sinuses in a negative way. Therefore, it’s recommended to boil milk in general, but especially when we drink it at bedtime.
So, when you’re having trouble falling asleep and are looking for natural home remedies, consider drinking boiled milk before bedtime and enjoy its soothing, relaxing effect!

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