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No Carb Recipe – Why They Don’t Work

Are you on a no carb recipes diet for a long time but have never lost weight yet? Have you been trying to slim down by avoiding carbs? Do like to lose weight now without depriving yourself of eating food? If you have been trying to lose weight for at least four weeks without any success then it is important for you to understand why you are not losing weight despite your strict no carb recipe diet.
These are the possible causes why you are not losing those extra pounds on a no carb recipe diet.
Your carbohydrate level intake might be too high
You have to remember that we are all different. Some of us need to cut down on the number of carbs consumed than the others because the number of carbs one can consume per day to lose fat varies. This means to say to say some people can lose weight with a maximum of 50 grams of carb intake a day while some needs to reduce their carb intake to 30 or 20 grams per day to get the same results.
no carb recipes
You might be consuming hidden carbs too!
Are you sure that you are not consuming more carbohydrates than you think? Have you checked if your no carb recipe diet is being followed correctly? You should be aware that some of the food that you eat might have more carbohydrates than you thought it had. Be aware of what you eat. Take not that there are a lot of “fat free” products being sold that are not really what they have been claimed to be. It will help if you keep a food diary so you can take note of what you eat in a day.
You might be starving yourself too much
Depriving yourself of food will not make you lose weight effectively. You may lose some pounds on the first few days or weeks but your body will eventually adjust to your new way eating and make you store fat from whatever you eat. Imagine starving yourself to death and still gaining weight. That is just very frustrating! If you do not want this to happen then change the way you think of the word diet. “Diet” means eating right and not starving yourself to death. Drink water, eat fruits and vegetables. As much as possible, your no carb recipe diet should include raw food like those that I just mentioned.
Your medications might be causing the weight gain
Some medicines can make you gain weight. Are you aware that diuretics make you gain weight more than you can lose from taking them? When you take in diuretics, you will tend to lose weight initially until you start to gain weight from them. This is because the lack of body fluids will hinder your body from burning fat which makes you gain more weight. Aside from diuretics, steroids and hormones, such as cortisone, birth control pills and estrogens will cause weight gain as well. So if you are taking these, then you should not expect to lose weight while on medication.

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