no no hair removal system

No No Hair Removal System
Let us talk about personal body care. We all know how shaving can be both a time consuming and expensive activity, right? This is way the No No Hair Removal system is an exciting new breakthrough in long term hair removal. It is finally available and has been a huge sensation worldwide because it painlessly removes unwanted hair and actually helps stop it from resurfacing.
Many people have been asking if this system can actually produce the same results as the professional systems like laser hair removal. Well this is actually an alternative option that is available for your personal use in the comfort of your home. It looks really cute, but do not let that fool you it can offer some really awesome results.
no no hair removal system
It does not work like a blade which rips your hair out of the skin, or leaves you with a few nicks and cuts. Also do not forget that tradition razors usually have your hair growing back as soon as you remove it. No No hair remover is not a laser and is 100% pain free. It uses a brand new technology that has been patented and is called Thermicon.
So how does it work? Well, you simply glide it over your hair, allowing the blade to cut the hair. However at the same time it is sending gentle heat pulses through the hair shaft aimed at the root. This slows down the roots ability to generate new hair. It is actually a very simple system to use, and the more you use it the better results you will get.
Clinical studies have been carried out and shown that the possibility of your hair growing when you use this system is reduced by up to sixty four percent. You however have to be consistent with your usage for over a period of six weeks. The recommended number of times you should use is at least twice a week, and this is because the Thermicon technology will only work at a certain phase during the growth cycle of your hair.
Just like with laser treatments you need more than one treatment to experience great results. This hair removal system works gradually over a period of time then you start seeing those awesome results. Anyone can use this technology, no matter what color your hair or skin is. Consistency is the secret to success.

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