organic makeup for kids

Organic Cosmetics and Makeup

In the past year or so mineral makeup has really gained popularity. It seems we’re much more in tune with what Mother Earth has to offer and that’s why mineral makeup has been such a big hit. But it goes much further than that. There’s not just a new kid in town, there’s a whole new family with full lines of organic cosmetics and makeup hitting the shelves. But why should you opt to use it?
Because these cosmetic products are much healthier for your skin. Just like the name indicates, these products are organic, just like organic food. This means they are free of anything man made or synthetic. They are made from a minimum of 95% pure natural ingredients, geared to serve a younger generation who is more in tune with their environment and their health.
organic makeup for kids
They are eating healthier, live healthier, and look to use cosmetics that are healthier for the skin. Organic products are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. These antioxidants will keep free radicals under control, which will reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
These organic cosmetic products, including mineral makeup don’t have chemicals, which are toxic to our skin. For too many years we were content to put chemical containing cosmetics on our skin without thinking much about the damage these chemicals will do to the skin.
The cosmetic industry is a multi billion dollar industry and everyone is looking for a piece of the pie which is why you’ll see words like organic and natural used freely. It’s important to read the ingredients on the product. That’s because advertising isn’t always completely honest. You should be able to recognize all the ingredients on the list. Look for organic oils, flower essences, organic waxes, minerals, mica, and other natural ingredients.
In the past there have been some awful chemicals used in cosmetics and makeup. Actually they are still used today, but they are losing market share because consumers are demanding more from their makeup. Many of these man-made synthetic ingredients were responsible for allergens and irritants. Women who had difficulty wearing makeup in the past won’t have those difficulties when they opt for organic cosmetics.
With organic cosmetics and organic makeup your skin will breathe easier, and your fine lines and wrinkles will begin to disappear. In fact, the only products that you should use on your skin are organic products. You do however have to understand how a product gets the label of organic or natural and how it may not necessarily always mean what it says.
For example, a product marked 100% organic can still use chemicals to obtain that product. Look at lanolin a natural ingredient found in many cosmetics. It is made from the wax coating of sheep’s wool. But before the wool is taken from the sheep it is treated with a pesticide that removes the lice that live on the sheep’s body. These pesticides are found in the lanolin. Therefore you need to be a diligent in making sure organic really is organic.

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