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Organic Makeup, Bringing Nature Back To Beauty

Lately synthetic ingredients among cosmetic products, like methylparaben and lanolin, raised a large stink. They posed a danger to human health. Methylparabens, or antimicrobial preservatives, possess effects that disturb our hormones. Lotions containing bleached oil, in order to produce color effects, and artificial fragrances can cause birth defects. These ingredients are crafted to imitate the workings of Mother Nature but they fail. Many people started looking into finding skin care alternatives. They tried new cleansers, moisturizers and makeup.

As a response, scientific experts tried to find ways to provide us with products that are safer while still giving the same or even better results. The solution that our best minds offered? Go back to nature. And thus spawned the introduction of organic make-up. They use natural ingredients so that we do not miss out on the benefits of Nature.

Organic makeup was first manufactured by small specialized companies. When a greater number of consumers started switching to organic alternatives, large cosmetic companies bought out those small organic companies and began to produce their own brand in the organic makeup market. A lot of people looked on with suspicion. They were skeptical the effectiveness and reliability of these products. Consequently, the public followed suit and began to doubt these products.

What is the truth behind these products? Does organic makeup assure us of a safer beauty regimen? Or are the large companies paying lip service to the organic buzz? Does it really work any better for our skin?

The difference between organic make-up from synthetic products is that it was able to harness the gifts of nature. They are made with mineral pigments that lend the skin a lively color and glow. It also has organic plant extracts that can provide natural sun filters. The color lasts for a long time while delivering a radiant and healthy glow. The healthy-giving agents found in the minerals help revitalize the skin, moisturizing and smoothing it.

Organic makeup does not contain any synthetic dyes such as FD&C, artificial fragrances, estrogen-mimicking ingredients and other toxins. The consumers are assured that it would not harm even the most sensitive of skins. It is hypoallergenic and it will not clog your pores.

Plus everything is all natural. Not just the content but also the stuff that came with it. Some products even make sure that the container and the applicators that come bundled with it are organic as well. The entire product was crafted out of nontoxic organic materials. These new products are less toxic. They also produce better results than their synthetic counterparts, without the side effects.

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