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The general rule of thumb in taking care of your physical beauty and mental well-being, is to start from the outside and then proceed towards the inside. Begin with your face and skin. Choose treatment products which restore and hydrate your skin, keeping in the moisture and maintaining the skin’s elasticity.
organic spa products
Next is to focus on calming your nerves and relieving your stress. Choose beauty and spa products that evokes a naturally soothing response from your nervous system, and managing your emotions to create a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Lastly, take some time to manage your physical health on the inside. Rid yourself of free radicals, toxins and carcinogens by switching to more eco-friendly, alternative and organic products. Choose spa and beauty products that aid in the detoxification process.
The Ona Spa, a daily medical spa located in Los Angeles, has recently launched top-of-the-line of products which offers the latest advances in dermatological treatments, and infusing it with organic and alternative beauty solutions. Their products are categorized into three color classes – orange, blue and green – aimed at meeting the special and specific needs of their clients. To determine these needs, clients will undergo an initial consultation with the One Spa’s in-house dermatologist, who will examine their cases and design an individualized beauty treatment for the client to follow. It will also provide products from the spa which the client can purchase and bring home to take care and maintain their beauty regimen for themselves.
Orange products of the Ona spa use Vitamin C and citrus fruits to manage facial care and skin care. Blue products aims to sooth, cool and relieve the skin from stress and irritations. Green products are organic and herbal based beauty treatments which aim to detoxify and revitalize the skin’s aging process. All these products aim to rejuvenate the skin and boosts the skin’s immune response; exfoliates, repair and smoothen wrinkles; and moisturize, tone and maintain the skin’s fresh, looking glow.

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