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Certified Organic Cosmetics – The Healthy Option

If you are like most people, the use of cosmetics and personal care products is an everyday affair. We touch up our faces with make-up, use face cream and other skin improvement products.
We have learnt to trust the corporations that provide health and beauty products because most governments dictate the processes that protect people from harmful substances – don’t they?
Unfortunately this assumption is only half correct.
The government aims to protect people from harmful drugs and medications taken orally by screening the results from drug companies. However, since the cosmetics industries do not provide substances to be taken within the body, there are only a few restrictions for a product to be considered ‘safe’ enough for sale in your supermarket or drug store.
For instance, the US cosmetics industry’s own safety review panel has assessed only 11 per cent of the 10,500 ingredients contained in health and beauty products available in stores today.
According to the FDA:
“Cosmetics and their ingredients are not required to undergo approval before they are sold. Manufacturers can use any ingredient, except for 10 prohibited substances, without government review.”
With only 10 substances being banned for use on the skin, what is the impact of the others being used by cosmetics companies?
European laws are much tougher, but even the UK governments currently only ban 1200 toxic chemicals.
How are chemicals used in cosmetics and skin care products affecting you?
Your skin is the largest eliminatory organ in the body. It is a two-way membrane. Toxins are eliminated out through the skin via perspiration and absorbed into your body’s systemic circulation, through hair follicles and sebaceous glands. One square inch of skin contains 65 hairs and 100 sebaceous glands.
That means if you put a chemical compound on your skin your body is likely to absorb it.
organics cosmetics
The principle behind HRT and Nicotine patches is that they absorb into your skin. And it is precisely by absorption that you receive other unwanted chemicals and toxins found in cosmetic applications.
Long time exposure for people who don’t remove chemicals properly means they accumulate toxins that can contribute to health problems.
Most scientists agree at least 80% of the 200 different types of cancer known today are related to toxins and carcinogens from synthetic and toxic chemicals.
A UK study discovered traces of methylparabens (a synthetic chemical commonly used in body creams, lotions, washes, anti perspirants and deodorants) in breast cancer tumours, and a poll of 150,000 Americans found even low doses of chemicals to have a huge impact on brain health.
The bottom line is the more cosmetics you use on your skin, the more chemicals you absorb.
According to The Environmental Working Group:
More than one-third of all personal care products contain at least one ingredient linked to cancer

57 percent contain “penetration enhancer” chemicals that can drive other ingredients faster and deeper into the skin to the blood vessels below.
70 percent of all products contain ingredients that may contain harmful impurities such as known carcinogens, according to FDA or industry reviews.

The impurities in cosmetics are not restricted within the personal care products industry.
As you can see health and beauty do not always go hand in glove which is why you need to seek out 100% synthetic chemical-free and toxin-free cosmetics and skin care products.
Fortunately there is a range made from purely natural organic ingredients, many of which are Certified Organic to Food Standards. This means you could even eat them and they wouldn’t do you any harm – but please don’t take that as a recommendation.
Currently these are the only skin care products on the planet to have submitted to independent 3rd party certification. This means the quality and integrity of the products is ensured.
All the ingredients are food based and 100% beneficial. Unlike the majority of products on the market, which use dead inert bases, these products use all active ingredients. Their bio available nutrients feed and nourish the skin. More importantly there are NO harmful synthetic ingredients to create health problems. You have peace of mind.
Just as healthy nutrient rich organic food is more expensive than the cheap but nutritionally weak food most people consume, organic cosmetics and skin care products can initially appear more expensive than their toxic filled counterparts.
However, as the beneficial organic ingredients are so potent and active only small amounts are required making them very cost effective. Also the packaging is environmentally friendly and not wasteful of your planet’s resources.
The healthy option and the solution to avoiding toxin exposure from your cosmetics and skin care products is to adopt a certified organics approach.

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