over the counter asthma treatments

Using Over the Counter Medicines to Counter Asthma

For several years, asthmatics had to depend only on inhalers and some medicines to control their breathing problem. In present times, however, owing to the research and development (R&D) facilities adopted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies it has become easier to deal with this complication more effectively. Doctors can now prescribe different medicines to the asthmatics on the basis of their medical history and individual requirements. However, with the increase in the number of asthmatics all over the world, companies selling over the counter (OTC) medicines have also mushroomed in several countries. OTC medicines for asthmatics are broadly classified into two groups – ephedrines and epinephrines.
over the counter asthma treatments
While choosing an OTC medicine for your asthma problem, you should first identify the condition that your airways are in. Following this, you must find out which kind of OTC medicine will work best for your condition. Lastly, you must consider the adverse effects of these medicines to come to the right conclusion. These days, more and more people are seen opting for the OTC medicines largely because these medicines are quite inexpensive and are easily available almost everywhere. Both ephedrines and epinephrines relax the muscles in the airways making it easier for air to flow in and out.
Epinephrines are easily available in either vaporized forms or in the form of concentrations meant for oral inhalation. OTC ephedrine on the other hand is available only in syrup, tablet or caplet form as oral medication. OTC epinephrine sometimes contains sulfites or alcohol as preservatives that may have allergic reactions on some people. It is therefore advisable to check the labels properly before using these medicines. It is further important to note that heavy intake of any of the OTC medicines can render them ineffective. It is therefore essential to use them after getting a nod from a reputable doctor or physician.

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