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Remedies For Sinus Pain Relief
Most of us look for effective natural remedies for sinus pain relief. Natural home remedies are simple and effective and help us save ourselves from the side effects that over-the-counter medications and other antibiotics carry. Millions of people suffer from sinusitis at least once a year.
Sinuses and Sinusitis
Sinuses are air filled / hollow spaces within the bones of our face lined with the mucus membrane which produces mucus. Mucus keeps the nasal passageways moist. When we say sinusitis, it means there is inflammation in lining of one or more sinuses, blocking the sinus openings. This results in mucus and air getting blocked and turns into severe pain, pressure and headache. The pain and pressure is usually at a specific point such as forehead, behind the eyes or sides of your nose and gets worse if you lean forward, bend or move head suddenly.
pain relief remedies
Treatment of sinusitis
Acute sinusitis usually gets better without any medical treatment/antibiotics and natural home remedies ease the symptoms and provide sinus pain relief. However if you’re suffering from chronic sinusitis and doesn’t get better with medical treatment then you may be asked to go through a surgery after some examinations. This may be due to structure of your nasal cavity or a nasal polyp or cyst.
Remedies for sinus pain relief
You may use a saline nasal spray to decongest your nose. You can make one yourself by mixing salt and water and spraying it in the nose to ease breathing. However these shouldn’t be used for too long as they may cause worse rebound nasal congestion.
Over-the-counter pain killers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen can be used to ease the sinus pain.
Apply hot and cold compresses on sinus areas alternatively for sinus pain relief. Or simply just warm face packs also help to ease pain.
Do steam inhalations. Inhale vapors of eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil by mixing a few drops in steaming water. These are strong decongestants and help loosen mucus.
Keep yourself hydrated. Take plenty of fluids as this may also ease the pain.
Take a hot shower and let the hot water beat the sinus areas on the face. This greatly helps in soothing the pain and pressure. Or simply sit in the bathroom filled with steam. This also helps to loosen mucus and ease symptoms.
The key to pain relief is that the blocked mucus can drain. Try having a jalapeno or any other very spicy food containing hot peppers to drain mucus.
The above remedies do provide sinus pain relief; however, if the symptoms persist or get worse in a week to ten days time then there may be some underlying problem. Sometimes acute sinusitis develops into chronic sinusitis. Although very rare but if left untouched it may turn into other serious complication. For instance, the infection may spread into the bones or brain or even into blood. Extra care should be taken with children as they are more prone to infections than adults.

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