permanent facial hair removal

Permanent Facial Hair Removal
Perhaps the most frustrating type of excess body hair for women is facial hair. Whilst normal for men, this kind of hair on a woman is considered unnatural and so can prove to be very distressing. Often women with few facial hairs start to pluck them out and the hairs reappear thicker than before, thus making the situation worse. These excess hairs can be as a result of excess weight, a hormonal imbalance or even stress, and levels tend to vary from one woman to the other.
permanent facial hair removal
If you are a woman who suffers with thick, visible facial hairs, temporary solutions can be time consuming and ultimately frustrating. Shaving, threading, waxing, bleaching are all temporary steps which can be taken to remove hair on the face. However, keeping on top of this can be expensive and time consuming in the long run, especially since it is an exposed part of the body and regular hair removal will be required. The most prone areas are upper lip, chin and around the cheek area. For women with hairs on the face, there are steps which can be taken in order to ensure permanent facial hair removal.
Laser treatment is a definite option which should be considered. The use of lasers in order to remove unwanted hair is a newer method of hair removal. The hairs are burned away by the laser machines, and after a few treatments the hairs can be removed permanently. When considering laser treatment as an option for permanent facial hair removal, it is recommended to carry out extensive research on the options available. Any type of laser treatment carries with it risks and it’s important to know the pros and cons. Laser treatment is often not possible for people with darker skin. Check as many clinics as possible and find out the costs involved of multiple treatments. Look for reputable clinics and if possible try to find someone who may have used a clinic and can share their experience with you.
Electrolysis is another method which can produce permanent results. A needle is inserted into the hair and an electric current is passed through to essentially destroy the root. It’s important to know that this method is painful and very time consuming as each hair must be dealt with individually. This means that covering large areas will be extremely time consuming. You can expect to undergo a number of treatments if you want to ensure permanent facial hair removal. As with laser hair removal, there are home treatments available, but you are advised to go and visit experienced clinics who specialise in electrolysis treatments. The number of repeat treatments will vary from person to person but expect to be treated for a period of a year.

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