permanent hair removal cream for men

Permanent Hair Removal Cream – Types of Hair Removal Products
Maybe your sick of waxing, and tweezing and have decided to look for a permanent hair removal cream. Unfortunately such a thing still does not exist. Although many creams can retard the hair growth and keep it from coming back for weeks.
Body creams possess a number of advantages over many of the other solutions currently available. Unlike electrolysis, it is painless and substantially cheaper, with no down time. Unlike lasers they can be used on any skin or hair type and there’s no chance of hyper pigmentation or infection. Also it can be done at home without the need of a professional.
permanent hair removal cream for men
Trade Offs
However as with anything there is a trade off as the effects of the cream are not permanent. Although they can reduce the amount of hair that your body produces over the course of time. The way depilatories work is by breaking down the keratin in the hair, which weakens it and allows it to be scraped off. The results are that you will remain relatively hairless for several days. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully because if left on too long the chemicals can cause skin irritation and a rash may develop. Some creams are only meant for the body and not for sensitive areas like the face.
Thermicon Technology
There is another solution that is non-permanent, but is long term and over time can greatly reduce the amount of hair that your body produces. Thermicon technology is helps to remove unwanted hair for both men and women by utilizing a device that sends heat down to the hair follicle. This retards hair growth and will slow it down by as much as 65%. It can also be done at home, and you won’t get nicks or cuts that you get from shaving. If you consider that it is much cheaper than either electrolysis or lasers and less messy than creams you can see why you might want to consider it as an alternative treatment.
Natural Hair Removal Creams for Face and Body
However new products have become available recently and these creams break down the hair inside the follicle as well as on the surface of the skin. Although the hair will grow back the cream effectively retards the growth in such a way that when it does grow back it will be much thinner. In addition the time between applications will be much longer.

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