pets stress relief

Stress Relief – 3 Things That Pets Do to Absorb Your Stress

Pets love you unconditionally and will do anything they can to make you feel good. Pets absorb your stress and they are affected by the stresses.
1) Your loving dog will sit quietly at your feet or curled up on the couch next to you as you vent your stress. You can cry, yell, talk on the phone or talk to your dog. She will listen and feel your emotions. She will also try to vent and release that stress that she has absorbed. She may appear to be acting in a disobedient way or revert back to a puppy behavior. This is her way of getting back into her comfort zone. When she vents love her and be affectionate with her, this will help her to release the absorbed stress.
pets stress relief
2) Your cat may act like he is ignoring you. He may seem very detached and independent, but this is his way of releasing your stress that he has absorbed. He is trying to teach you to be more detached with your stress. Being detached from your stress does not mean you are ignoring the stress or giving in, it means that you understand it for what it is and you do not allow it to overwhelm you any longer.
3) Some pets absorb so much stress from you and from the rest of the family that they get physically sick. Resolve to try to reduce your stress levels for the sake of this loving pet and your best friend. Play with your pet and go for walks because being alone with your pet will release some of the absorbed stress that you both have. Your pet will know that you are her focus and unconditional love interest. She does not have to get confused by the need to focus on anyone else. When she feels you have reduced your stress levels she will physically feel better. Her eating and sleeping routines will improve and her vulnerability to infections will decrease.

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