pictures of toenail fungus

Picture of Toe Nail Fungus

If you have a problem with a fingernail or toenail, you may wonder if you have a fungal infection, and you’re probably looking for a good picture of toe nail fungus. Be careful however – other nail abnormalities can look very similar to fungal infection of the nail (onychomycosis). It is best not to try to make your own diagnosis, but to consult your family doctor or even a dermatologist for a proper diagnosis of the problem.

If you find a picture of toe nail fungus that looks just like what you are suffering with, you should make an appointment with your doctor so that a sample can be sent to the lab for confirmation. Many general practitioners will rule out severe nail fungus before sending you on to a specialist, and the easiest way to do this is to take some scrapings of the nail and have them cultured for fungi – if the report is negative for nail fungus, you will likely be sent to a dermatologist who knows more about these conditions.
pictures of toenail fungus
If the doctor confirms your suspicion that you have severe nail fungus, you will be able to start treatment knowing that it is likely to help. Be aware, however, that a number of different fungal species cause nail infections, and that no treatment for onychomycosis works in all cases. Many people prefer traditional home remedies or natural alternatives to the prescription drugs that are available. Controlled trials show that the prescription drugs do not always work, even when used for a long period of time, and that there are occasional serious side effects. Studies of some of the newest natural herbal treatments, such as tea tree oil indicate that these products may be just as good while being safer to use. If these treatments continue to show promise, the
picture of toe nail fungus treatment may change. In the mean time, investigate the options and choose the treatment you are most comfortable with.

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