provillus hair loss treatment

Use Provillus Hair Loss Treatment Today
Are you bothered by your hair thinning? If you are unluckily suffering from this condition, you are on the right page as you will know about Provillus hair loss treatment here.
Before anything else, you have to know that Provillus hair loss treatment is gender specific. It is very important that you as the user is to use Provillus for women if you are one because the “for him” counterpart is dangerous for you. The concentration of the solution is higher and that posts a great risk to the fetus if you are pregnant or is about to get pregnant.
Another thing is that, you have to know the reason why your scalp protection are wearing thin and that it should not be patchy (see the box for details). The degree of severity is also to be considered because another method of hair regrowth is recommended in severe cases.
provillus hair loss treatment
Regardless of these though, Provillus hair loss treatment is composed of two parts. First, is the topical solution of minoxidil and the second, is the taking of vitamins.
In using Provillus hair loss treatment topical solution, you have to assess your scalp first. It should not be inflamed, irritated or damaged in any way that it becomes painful when you apply. It is not for you also if you are currently using another topical agent on your scalp. Remember that it is made specifically for hair loss on the head part and not on any other body part.
The solution as mentioned is a concentration of minoxidil. This is one of the very few treatments that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration for hair regrowth. What is actually does is to inhibit the processing of dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. This DHT is a male hormone that is present in both men and women in varying amounts. The more DHT you have, the thinner your hair follicles get so the more hair loss happens.
The second part of the Provillus hair treatment is the taking of vitamins. These tablets are not synthetic so there are no dangers for side effects. Like most vitamins, this is over the counter along with the topical agent. The active ingredients of these tablets are vitamin B6, biotin, magnesium and zinc for a healthy scalp and hair growth. These are also packed with herbs that blocks DHT such as nettle roots and saw palmetto.
Deciding to use Provillus hair loss treatment has many benefits. Aside from the active ingredient being FDA approved, the mode of application is easy. You only have to apply the solution on your scalp and take the accompanying hair vitamins and then you are good to go. Speaking of convenience, you do not need to continue using special shampoos that may even be ineffective or worse, cause more hair loss.
Many users are satisfied with the result of Provillus hair loss treatment. With their new hair growing back, reports on increased self esteem and confidence are also heard.
You like that? Use Provillus hair loss treatment today.

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