relief of tension

Tension Headache Relief

There are many simple ways for tension headache relief hence it is a wrong conception among the people in general that medication is the only way to provide relief for such problems. Almost all of us suffer occasionally from this kind of headache at some or the other point life.
But if it starts occurring frequently on regular basis then it can really hamper your routine life. It is always better to try out some natural ways instead of running to the doctor for medication every now and then.
o The most simple at home remedy is to take hot water bath which helps in relaxing the tense muscles and relieve stress.
o Using ice pack wrapped in a towel on the forehead also helps in providing relief from the tension headache.
relief of tension
o Use heating pad set on low temperature.
o Gentle massage can also do wonders. Gentle massage can provide good reliefs to your tension headache so either do it yourself using your finger tips or request someone to do for you gently.
o Try to eat healthy food. Never skip your meal or be in empty stomach as it may worsen your headache.
o Some people suggest that deep-breathing exercise can provide a great amount of relief from tension headache.
o One should also try to give enough rest to the body by trying to sleep in proper posture using comfortable pillow.
o It is also recommended to practice stretch exercise. And for those who work at office for long hours should try to use chair with proper backing that comes halfway up the back. Hooking the arms over the back of the chair and pulling the shoulder blades together also provides relief to a great extend.
o Whenever you feel overwhelmed try out a few slow stretches or a quick slow walk may renew your energy level.
o It is a wrong conception that taking excess caffeine can provide headache tension relief. On the contrary it can aggravates the headache. So avoid caffeine.

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