remedies for the menopause

Herbal Remedies For Pre Menopause Symptoms
There are several herbal remedies to help you through pre menopause symptoms. The key is to know what your system requires and how much. As an alternative medical professional I’d inform a consumer to test!
The initial symptoms of peri menopause can begin as young as mid-thirties. This is often adult acne or fat gain. Often the Thyroid will test normal this is why you need to obtain a full Thyroid panel that includes free T4 and free T3. This test is done with a blood test. The other issue is to ensure your health professional is studying the functional medicine outcomes or metabolic labs readings and not the typical lab details that most physicians go by.
Hot flashes and night sweats are the result of multiple issues throughout pre menopause. One thing being the decrease of estrogen and the other the surge of cortisol into the blood stream. So is it possible to do something about it naturally?
Both of these herbs or hormones are available through a herbal health care practitioner and some stores. Rely on a health practitioner initially – they’ve the most beneficial level of quality and this is your well being and future life we’re talking about here. Also a accredited specialist will possess the knowledge, training, and expertise that you might want when we’re discussing how to overcome pre menopause symptoms. These signs of pre menopause are common but they are not normal.
remedies for the menopause
Remember – 1st get tested! You want to have your hormones tested through saliva. Blood tests for hormones are erroneous. The saliva shows what is available in the cells of the body to use. The blood only shows what the body can’t utilize because hormones in the blood serum are protein bound.
So you will need two tests. The Thyroid test done with a blood serum and the hormone test done with a saliva test kit.
You likely will require items like melatonin, and DHEA but test first don’t guess.
Yet another excellent herb is Cohosh and it comes in a variety of colors that perform in different ways in the body. It pays to understand which one is effective for you. Blue Cohosh or Black Cohosh are the most typical. Ensure the formula is organic and doesn’t include a lot of other things that you might not want.
Many non-prescription varieties include soy and if you’re having soy in what you eat you may want to stop additional sources or choose a different product. Pre menopause symptoms are simple to take care of with natural herbs.
Debra Arko Novotny has practiced Alternative Medicine for almost twenty years. She is licensed in Alternative Health and Oriental Medicine and sees patients in her Denver Acupuncture Clinic. She provides a full health and lifestyle approach to wellness to help you reach your longevity goals. Debra writes articles on women’s health issues to help educate the public about alternatives.

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