Removing Stretch Marks – 3 Biggest Mistakes And How To Avoid It

Removing Stretch Marks – 3 Biggest Mistakes And How To Avoid It
Are you struggling with stretch marks? While its most common for women after a pregnancy it can hit anyone. Rapid weight gain is one of the major causes and what really happens is that your skin gets stretched beyond its limits of elasticity. While the human skin is incredibly elastic, it does have limits. While a low and gradual “stretch” won;t really effect you in this way, its a rapid increase in size that causes stretch marks. The skin literally starts tearing and forms a very recognizable pattern – horizontal lines that start as red lines and end up as proper scars that turn white in color.
So, how do you best deal with it? While there are many “cures” and solution many people go about it the wrong way. Here are 3 of the most common mistakes.
1. Doing nothing
When these scars start forming on your skin you need to act immediately. Many women start seeing these marks early on during their pregnancy and do nothing about it. Prevention is better than cure and although you cannot stop it completely you really can make it much better if you act early on. Start by applying cream (of your choice) 3 times a day and keep your skin moisturized at all times.
stretch marks prevention cream
2. Home cures
Its become quite common to see so-called “home cures” all over the internet. I don;t know about you but the idea of throwing the pantry unto your body does not sound like a viable way to deal with the problem. While these are certain things that can be beneficial, making the $20 investment in a good stretch mark cream is not only cheaper but infinitely more successful.
3. Relying on surgery
Many people think that the only way to remove stretch marks effectively is with surgery. Although some procedures can be very effective its really not within everybody’s budget to do so. A new baby can be a huge expense and having to do surgery on top of that can be too much to handle financially. There are a lot of other options. Try some of the high end creams for 2 or 3 months and see how it works for you. You can also look into laser treatments and other alternatives.

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