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The Benefits of the Neograft Hair Restoration to Hair Loss Patients
With many men and women over fifty facing hair loss especially in their 50s, there has been a huge demand for products that will offer effective hair loss treatment. Over the years, there have been numerous products all promising to be the perfect solution but not until the introduction of hair transplant was a real effective option found. When it comes to the best hair transplant methods, then the latest one, the Neograft hair restoration is the one to go for. This method of hair restoration offers considerable gains both in the effectiveness of treating hair loss and cutting down on both the time taken and the cost incurred in past methods. Neograft hair restoration main aim was to improve on the efficiency of the Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE).
restoration hair
The Neograft hair restoration method actually uses the same concept and approach as the FUE. The only difference is that with the Neograft hair restoration system, a state of the art machine is used in the procedure. This equipment increases the accuracy, the amount of area covered and reduces the time taken to complete the procedure in the affected parts of the scalp. This is how it works; the machine creates a punch round the hair follicle achieving a circular cut. Using pneumatic pressure, the follicle is carefully extracted in a gentle suction. The grafts are then stored in a sterile saline solution to keep them moist and healthy waiting for transplanting. During the transplant method, the machine creates punches at the right place ensuring the follicles are correctly placed.
The recuperation period by the Neograft hair restoration is far much faster than any other kind of hair transplant. This is because with the Neograft hair restoration method, there are fewer incisions. After the hair replacement has been done it is important to know that the hair follows a cycle. So after two or three weeks the grafts will shed off allowing for the growth of new permanent hair. The Neograft hair restoration method results in more accuracy given the right placement of hair follicles – this guarantees you natural looking and comfortable new hair. You are thus sure that the method will allow you to have hair transplant that meets your expectation. It is also a fast method which allows you to go on with your normal schedule without interfering any activity or work.
With the Neograft method, several procedures are able to be carried out in a day by the doctors. This allows for them to cut down costs in terms of the assistants they need and also have a tidy sum at the end of it all. They also do not tire from performing lengthy hair replacement surgeries. You are thus assured of affordable yet top quality treatment. The Neograft hair restoration method has been proven to work and thus you are guaranteed to finally end your hair loss problems. With little incisions, not only is the time taken to heal lesser but also it leaves no scarring thus especially for men there is little to worry of ugly scars.

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