san tropez bronzing mousse

Three Reasons to Try St Tropez Mousse
Fake tan comes in many different forms including a lotion, spray, gel or a mousse. Finding the right one for you is simply a process of elimination. Here are three reasons to give the mousse variation a go.
Quick Dry – Gone are the days of having to wait 30 minutes for your self tanning to dry. If you like the idea of putting your clothes on 60 seconds after applying your fake tan then a mousse is definitely ideal for you. A mousse is lighter than a gel or a liquid and therefore takes less time to dry. There is nothing more frustrating than having to stand around waiting for the tan to dry and of course there is more chance of smudging it the longer it is wet. A mousse is therefore one of the more convenient ways to tan.
san tropez bronzing mousse
Instant Colour – The tanning mousse comes with other benefits such as instant colour. There is nothing worse than waiting to see the fruits of your labour only to find you have missed several patches on various parts of your body. This type of fake tan allows you to see where you have applied it and ensures an even coverage. This is ideal for those who require fake tan for a special occasion. Simply apply and you are ready to go in minutes.
Non Stick – St Tropez mousse has eliminated many of the problems that can come with a fake tanning product. The consistency is very different to that of a liquid and is a light weight alternative to a gel. A mousse won’t feel as though you have a heavy mask of products covering your skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh. Another advantage of a mousse is it puts that sticky feeling firmly in the past.

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