scar creams reviews

Scar Removal and Scar Treatment Product Reviews
The appearance of scarred tissue can have many different origins including minor skin damage, acne, burns, injury and surgical procedures. However, regardless of the cause, scars are generally associated with some degree of insecurity and self-consciousness, particularly on areas of the body such as the face. As a result, many scar removal and scar treatment products have been developed over the years in an effort to improve the scar healing process.
Scars can be classified into two general categories: keloid and hypertrophic. Keloid scars are raised, puckered tissue and typically grow beyond the size of the original skin wound. Hypertrophic scars are more common, and their sizes remain within the original skin injury and may recede with time. Other problematic characteristics of scarring include discoloration, itching, soreness, indentation and irregular skin texture.
scar creams reviews
Because of recent headway in transdermal technology, many highly effective scar removal and healing products are now available on the market. For prominent scarring, surgical treatment is available; however, there are also many non-invasive scar removal products that show significant improvements.
Scar removal creams-available without a medical prescription-can be used for the treatment of both minor and major scar tissue. These creams work to increase the production of the enzyme collagenase, which helps break down the scar tissue. Additionally, a favorable healing environment is created as the cream sends essential lipids and bio-molecules below the skin surface. Finally, the creams help rebuild the damaged stratum corneum (the outermost layer of the epidermis), which is most affected by hypertrophic scarring.
A second scar removal treatment to consider is the application of silicone scar sheets. These medical devices are used for the treatment and prevention of scarring by patients and professionals. Silicone sheets are a cost-effective alternative to surgical scar removal, and they are easy to use and reusable. They work to soften and smooth skin texture, reduce discoloration and thickness of scars, and diminish the itching and soreness that is associated with scarring. The individual sheets are offered in multiple sizes and shapes to accommodate virtually any scar type. Small silicone discs are suggested for the treatment of acne, while large rectangular sheets can be used on areas such as the back and stomach. Existing scars as well as recently healed scars can be treated with silicone scar sheets, but they are not to be used on open wounds.
Scar healing kits can also be found that include the combined use of creams and silicone sheets. These kits would be a good choice for those who desire maximum results. However, always keep in mind that the best improvements come with the consistent application of the scar removal products.

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