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Scar Gel – Can a Silicone Scar Gel Diminish the Appearance of Scarring?
The advantage of a silicone scar gel is that it is invisible while it works. No one wants to draw more attention to a scar during treatment, when that mark is in a very noticeable place, such as the face, forearms, or legs.
Many prefer to avoid medical therapy which would draw additional attention. Surgery, dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser treatments definitely make things look worse before they appear better.
Over-the-counter gels based products can be invisible while at work. And they DO work. Study after study has demonstrated the positive impact of silicone on color and size. Silicone encourages healing, fading and flattening of scars.
Candidates for Scar Gel Treatment
scar gel
1. Accident and trauma cause scarring. Even a common wound stitched in childhood can remain prominent for decades if not treated. Early use is essential.
2. Plastic surgeons attempt to hide wounds at the hairline and behind ears. But any wound leaves a wound and catty people enjoy noticing plastic surgery remnants.
3. Nose piercing, lip rings and pierced ears frequently develop serious keloid and hypertrophic scarring, which is extremely disfiguring. Treatment should be immediately applied.
4. Burns scars. From the accidental cigarette burn to a kitchen fire or traumatic accident, burns cause deep damage and heaped-up tissue.
5. Acne scars. Since gel based products fade color, they can be most effective at minimizing the appearance of acne marks.
A gel based treatment is available over-the-counter, and must be used early and often. Application twice a day, over several months, has resulted in lessening the appearance of noticeable scars.

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