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What Are Effects of Self Tanning Products?
A sun-kissed body leads to an improved self-esteem and decreased appearance of cellulite. Now you can achieve more beautiful tan using a self tanner product rather than from an actual tan. Today’s self tanner and related products give a bronzed look without harming your skin with UV radiation. And these advanced tanning products contain milder ingredients that produce a natural glow.
Most of self tanning lotions contain DHA or a chemical called oxyacetylene. When applied to the skin, DHA (a colorless sugar) reacts with the dead cells located in the upper layer of the epidermis and with this interaction, a color change occurs. This artificial tan generally lasts 5-7 days. To maintain your tan, you can re-apply them periodically. But you need to choose the right self tanning products to enjoy the benefits of a sun kissed tan without risking your health and safety.
self tanning
Apart from that, self tanning products produces wonderful effects on a person’s skill such as you can achieve a sunless tan INSTANTLY. There are various products available that come with bronze that instantly bronzes skin until the tan sets in, usually after 3-7 hours. Moreover, these products create a natural looking tan from light to dark to match your natural skin tone.
These all products are safe to use and do not cause permanent skin changes. In other words, self tanning products do not cause any changes in your skin’s DNA. They simply work by staining the outer layer of the skin. This is the only safe way to get a beautiful tan as today’s products are much higher quality than those from the past. Today’s self tanning products come in a variety of pleasant fragrances and can create the appearance of flawless skin.
But remember your skin has to last you a lifetime. Thus it is essential for you to take precautions to prevent your skin from premature aging and cancer. You should use only quality self-tanning products as they are far safer than tanning outdoors or in a booth any day.

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