silicone sheets for scars

Managing Hypertrophic and Keloid Scars With Silicone Sheets
A scar is simply where the skin has had to heal after being injured in particular way. The skin cannot heal back to its original state and therefore creates fibrous tissue in the place of the wound. As a result of this, a scar forms. Scar treatment is often called for.
There are many ways that people can get scarred. Some scarring always happens from certain surgery, such as with breast cancer surgery. Acne can cause the face and other parts of the body to be scarred. Different types of injuries can also create scarring on the skin.
When a hypertrophic scar forms, it stays within the immediate area of the wound. These scars can be treated with a variety of treatments successfully. Keloid scars on the other hand spread past the area and often have a tumor-like appearance. Keloid scars can become so severe that surgery is merited.
silicone sheets for scars
There are types of scar treatment available today from rubbing creams and oils on these scars to having surgery done on them. Some of the creams and oils work well and some don’t do the job at all. Scars are seldom removed completely even through plastic surgery; their appearance can be minimized, though.
Laser treatments are often done on scars today. This does have certain side effects though. The skin will stay red for several days following treatment. Women can hide this redness through using makeup, but men can’t so this might be an issue.
One of the best treatments today is the use of silicone sheets on the scars. Wearing a sheet of silicone over a scar stimulates the skin to heal itself, therefore the scar’s appearance is not as pronounced. This usually takes several weeks to accomplish maximum results. This scar treatment can be used on scars that are old too. The older scars can be successfully minimized.
The regimen is usually to start out wearing the silicone sheets for about 30 minutes a day. Then the person should gradually increases the length the sheet is worn until they are wearing it all day. The sheets are worn until the maximum results are reached. At that time, the scar will be minimized as much as it can be. The silicone sheets produce amazing results on most scars.
The silicone sheets usually have to have some tape applied over them to allow them to be secure on the skin. They should only be worn during the day; the skin should be allowed to breathe at night. These sheets can work on hypertrophic and keloid scars both. The best results will be seen on the hypertrophic scars though.
If one suffers from scarring of any kind, they should try these silicone sheets first before other kinds of treatments. They may find that no other kind of scar treatment is necessary. It would be better than having to have surgery done on the scars. Most people are very satisfied after using the sheets of silicone to remove or minimize their scars.

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