simple natural make up

Wear MAKE UP the Natural Way

Many days we wake up unsure of what to wear whether heading to work, school or just meeting up with friends. It might be legal to go wrong with the color of our outfit, but we are born with features and a specific skin and hair color that limit our options, which is why every woman should know what works best with her eyes, face, and hair (color/shape).
A great way to know what works for you is to experiment, first with natural tones of eye shadow, lipstick and blush, which usually works for all women. For example, a duo eye shadow combination of slight shimmery beige and light brown placed on the outer eye edges, with a rosy natural blush and translucent red tinted lipstick, add some black mascara to that and you get a natural day make up. Most men prefer this look, when not much color is added to the face. You want your make-up to lift and enhance, not flashy and obvious. Make up is meant to make you more comfortable with your features, blur away the imperfections and highlight your areas of natural beauty.
simple natural make up
No girl wants to hear the renowned, “She wears all that make up because she doesn’t look good without it,” even if that was the case, you can still use make up for your benefit in looking both natural and gorgeous (or at least better than when you had just woken up). Here are a few tips that have proven their effectiveness for several friends and of course, myself:
First, start your day by washing your face with water only, tap dry, and follow that by using a light moisturizer with SPF15. For people with oily skin use a skin tightening Serum with a light moisturizer if needed.
Second, color your eyebrows with a matching pressed powder eyebrow kit or manage with a brown eye shadow until you get one. Apply a lighter colored liquid foundation on your eyelids as a base for what is to follow, make sure that it looks natural and covers any red veins you might have. Use an eyelash curler but make sure not to pinch your lids, squeeze each set of lashes for 5 seconds.
Third, apply beige eye shadow using your finger on your inner lids and spread outwards by patting lightly, follow that by adding a darker shade on the outer eye corners to create the illusion of fuller lashes which automatically lifts the eye sides. Use an eye shadow applier dipped in water to imitate an eyeliner effect by applying a dark brown eye shadow to the outer corners of the eyes starting from where your natural lash is the fluffiest. Try not to thicken the line while keeping the ends faded.
Finally: Apply lengthening black mascara that doesn’t give your lashes lumps, let it dry and then re-use the lash curler, this technique opens up your eye and brightens up your whole face. Apply a two shades lighter concealer under your eyes and with a fluffy brush dab on a light colored loose powder on to avoid any dark colors from your eyelid from staining under. Follow that by applying a compact pressed powder all over your face, dab bronzer on the peaks, like cheek bones, nose tip and forehead, if you have a long nose, apply bronzer to the upper tip, while if you have a wide nose apply bronzer to the sides leaving the middle lighter. To wrap up, Opt for a rosy natural blush where you normally might flush on your cheeks, and Voila! Good Morning Sunshine!

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