skin bleach cream

Skin Bleach Cream
The first thing to consider about skin bleaching is that it will work. And that it will take time. A skin bleach cream used repeatedly will encourage skin to fade. It can work on a concentrated spot such as removing a mole, or over large areas to copy the lighter skin of a favorite movie star.
The second consideration is natural ingredients before chemicals. It is going to take time regardless of the active ingredients in the skin bleach cream. In which case, why not use a product made without harsh chemicals?
There are natural acids and vitamins shown to impact melanin, which is the pigment that makes skin darken.
Natural Ingredients to Look For in a Skin Bleach Cream
1. Kojic acid-a natural substance used as a general health supplement in Japan
2. Ascorbic Acid, or Vitamin C
3. Azelaic acid
4. Derivatives of Vitamin A, also known as retinoids
5. Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B-3
6. Arbutin, a natural substance found in plants
The third thing to consider is the warnings about common skin bleach chemicals.
The evidence against hydroquinone continues to mount, especially regarding the use of hydroquinone skin bleaching products on African-American skin.
skin bleach cream
A study in the East African Medical Journal cited the case of a 30-year old woman who ran a cosmetics shop. She had been using two hydroquinone-based skin fading creams for four years. By the time she saw a doctor, she suffered chronic tiredness and a lack of feeling in her legs. The diagnosis was neuropathy, a degeneration of the nervous system.
As she was otherwise healthy, the doctors advised the woman to stop using the hydroquinone creams.
Within four months the symptoms disappeared and she walked again without difficulty.
* Hydroquinone has been banned in the EU and Japan.
* It is still available over-the-counter and in prescription form in the US.
The English Take Hydroquinone as a Serious Risk. London Police Officers, wearing body armor, raided a cosmetics firm. They were in search of illegal skin bleaching creams containing hydroquinone, which British Health Authorities consider harmful to consumers. The raid turned up bars of soap listing hydroquinone right on the box. The danger is using hydroquinone repeatedly over large areas of the body. When the skin breaks, the chemical penetrates into the bloodstream to reach the liver and kidneys. There it can cause more damage. Source:
Mercury is also of particular concern in skin bleaching products made or shipped from overseas. Mercury poisoning is known to cause neurological and kidney damage and may also lead to psychiatric disorders.
Doctors found high levels of mercury in the urine of men and women in Tanzania. They thought the mercury poisoning might have been from fish, or mining. Later it was determined all of the test cases had poisoned their bodies using mercury-based skin bleaching products. Source: Harvard Medical School.
What mercury skin lightening cream did to lab rats is startling. Doctors found repeated application of a cream with mercury base induced permanent damage to the kidneys, brain and liver.
To sum up there is compelling evidence to choose skin bleachers made from natural ingredients rather than chemicals, to insure safe skin bleaching.

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