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Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector Review

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector is purported to reduce and undo the damage that the sun causes on the skin, lighten age spots, acne scars and other skin pigmentations. A lot of users claim that the serum delivers according to the promises of its marketing campaigns although there are still a number of consumers who have yet to experience the benefits of using this product.
Why it did not work
The serum works to correct skin impurities on the hands, face and chest with the use of a three-step skin care formula. Many claim that the product brings sustainable results but there are still those who have yet to be convinced simply because they don’t see the same results that others do. One is also required to use the product continuously for four to six weeks to achieve the desired results and this period may be too long for some consumers.
skin correctors
Though most users serve testimony to the effectiveness of this product, there is minimal information as to the formulation and components of its content, posing speculations that the ingredients that may cause some side effects to the user. In addition, there is also minimal information as to how the product really works, aside from the claims that it does visibly and virtually reduce skin impurities.
Too expensive
Another downside of this product is the quite expensive price range that can be over the top for such a small amount of serum (about $60 and over for a 30ml container). Many users are taken aback by its price tag, not to mention the price tag of the many other additional skin care products that need to be used together with it, such as moisturizers and sun screens.
Regardless of the claims that the product is compatible with most skin types, some users still say that they achieved minimal to no results at all. There are also other users saying that their skin impurities eventually return even with continued use.
Vague list of ingredients
Due to the lack of information regarding this product, there is also no way of comparing it to other skin treatments available in the market, aside from the experiential claims that users state. The only ingredients disclosed and readily available to searchers are vitamin C, vitamin E, glucosamine, fermented mushroom extract and a yeast blend.

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