sleep aid

Sleep Aid
Most sleep aids used today include over the counter pills like Piriton and others that have sleepiness or drowsiness as a side effect.
Other aids include relaxation pills, and natural methods such as massages and warm soothing showers before going to bed.
There are a number of methods in use today. They are classified under chemical and natural methods.
Chemical methods include taking of both over the counter and therapeutic pills from the doctor. They work very fast and efficiently to restore sleep almost instantly. However, just like any other drug, overuse of this kind of sleep aid is harmful to your health in the long run.
Once your body gets used to sleeping pills, it gets difficult to sleep without them thus making you overly dependent on them for sleep. Another drawback of sleeping pills is that as your body gets accustomed to pills, they may lose their effectiveness thus requiring you to increase your dose.
sleep aid
These pills have a tendency to leave the user groggy and drowsy during the day (the hangover effect).
That said, the insomnia is only gone for as long as you are taking the pills and may return once you stop taking the pills.
Other methods come in the form of natural relaxing methods and herbal supplements.
Herbal supplements come in the form of pills. Their contents are purely natural and are packed for hygienic purposes. However, their ingredient contents are not accurate and may interfere with any other medication you might be on.
Some might not completely be harmful when used with other medicines, but have a tendency to limit the effectiveness of the other medicine.
Unlike the chemical pills, herbal medication does not have adverse effects on the body like hangovers.
When it comes to exercises, many working people find it difficult to maintain a daily routine. It is therefore recommended that they focus on relaxing activities like listening to cool soft music and read a good book just before going to bed.
Lying on your back and tensing your muscles for a few minutes then releasing them is another way to get the knots out of your tired body. It is a sleep aid that allows for better blood flow and more relaxed sleep.
Exercising your body during the day creates an increase in your body temperature. This temperature is set to drop just about the time you sleep causing relaxation that leads to imminent sleep. Studies show that the best time to work out is in the afternoon or early evening. Exercising late at night does not leave your body adequate time for a drop in temperature.
However, for people suffering from insomnia, it is a gradual change in lifestyle that will heal the body completely and restore a healthy sleeping habit.

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