stomach fat burner

Stomach Fat Burning

Who wants to know the hype from the truth about what is the best stomach fat burner? All the guru’s have the only answer. Their advice is full of do this, not that. That’s the hype. Lots of people, maybe most of us that want to lose fat, are totally confused by all the different and conflicting information. Most of us just want to lose the belly fat and uncover the abs we have. Do we have abs? Absolutely! We just want help in getting the torso slimmed down so we can see them and, yes, others can see them too. The problem lies in the diet and all the physical fitness business is not giving us clear answers.
I think the reason for this failure to have clearness is not dishonesty, at least not in most cases. The fact is there is no magic food you can eat, no magic pills you can take and no one magical exercise you can do that will, without question or doubt, cause loss of fat in the belly. There is only one approach to stomach fat burning and reaching the desired flatness and that is to consume the correct foods in the right amount and proportions and combine that with the right exercises.
stomach fat burner
Modern research has shown that doing repetitive workouts, sit-ups, and crunches do very little by themselves in reducing stomach fat. It was found that the result for many people was their stomachs actually got larger while doing targeted abdominal exercises. What was happening is the exercises were building muscle but the muscle was underneath the fat!
You need to speed up your metabolism in order to burn fat, and, believe me this is true, that can be done with the right foods and exercise. Put those two together and in the correct combination and you will have a formula for zeroing in on the ugly belly fat you want to get rid of.
Here’s the surprise. Some of the foods that are best for you to eat to work on that tough stomach fat are actually very high in fat. As an example, avocados, olives, and, yes, peanut butter are good stomach fat burners since they are full of the right kind of fat; fat that will get your metabolism in high gear so that it burns extra calories.
Another really good food to include in your stomach fat burner is dairy products such as low fat milk. It has been proven that calcium acts as a metabolic trigger that sets off your metabolism into the high gear you want. Recently in a University of Tennessee study, the participants who each consumed from 1200 to 1300 mg. of calcium each day successfully lost nearly double the amount of weight that those in the group that did not take that much calcium.
With regard to exercise, most of the experts I’ve heard from agree that it isn’t necessary to waste money on the latest ‘bell and whistle’ abs building machine. In an attempt to have the greatest abs possible, you don’t need to spend your weight in dollars. What is needed is free and easily accessible and does not require you to join an expensive gym. The only gear you need is a good pair of shoes to wear because the best, the number one stomach fat burner is walking. Tighten your stomach muscles as you walk. This is not only a good exercise, it will give you better balance. Walking speeds up the metabolism, burns away fat, gives your muscles tone and is a great cardio exercise.
In conclusion, the only secret is no secret at all. The best all around method to lose weight in your belly, and to keep it off, lies in the right combination of exercise and eating. Let your lifestyle and your daily schedule be your guides to finding the right diet. Otherwise, you will almost inevitably not keep the diet and exercise going and any fat you have lost will come back.

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