stop smoking laser treatment

Stop Smoking Laser Treatments

Can a laser treatment really help you to stop smoking cigarettes? How does a laser treatment even work? Is it painful?
First of all, the type of laser treatment we are talking about here is painless, and it is considered to be a “cold laser treatment.” You will not be burned or scarred in any way. Now the actual treatment is done while you are either sitting or laying down, and they shoot this laser into your body through various points on your arms, legs, and so on. The idea behind the treatment is that it can stimulate certain chemical activity in the body, supposedly related to the endorphins. This will in term make the person receiving the treatment feel better, essentially through dopamine production.
stop smoking laser treatment
Now whether or not this can actually help you to stop smoking remains to be proven. The fact is that most quit smoking techniques, such as the gum and the patch, have undergone clinical trials that have proven that they are more effective than a placebo. These laser treatments for smoking have yet to go through any of these clinical trials just yet, as the companies that provide the treatments will not agree to the testing. So this in itself casts some shadow of doubt on the whole process and its effectiveness.
Keep in mind that the same exact laser treatment is used to treat people for weight loss as well. This is another warning sign that something might be amiss here, because it does not necessarily make sense that the same exact procedure could work well for treating both conditions.

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