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How to Stop Smoking Pot – 5 Useful Tips

First let me start off by telling you I am not a doctor or specialist in addictions or anything. This is my personal system I used when I wanted to learn how to stop smoking pot. When I was in the 10th grade I began smoking pot daily for 9 years, yes, daily for nine years, until I figured out how to quit marijuana.
First thing you need to figure out is the reason why you want to learn how to stop smoking pot. My main two reasons were money and a job. I finally added up all the money I was spending on nicks, dimes and ounces. This added up to a LOT of WASTED money plus I had recently landed a temp position and was told that if I worked hard I would be hired in 3 months and most people tell you it stays in you system for about a month. I really needed this job so I had 3 months to figure out how to quit marijuana.
stop smoking pot
Next thing to do is research the withdrawal symptoms. I not going to lie to you and tell you it was easy to learn how to quit marijuana. The 1st thing I experienced was anxiety. Through years of smoking you’ve conditioned your brain into thinking that the only way to relax is to be high so when you are not high you get nervous and jittery. I also experienced loss of appetite and insomnia.
Once you are ready to learn how to stop smoking pot, get rid of ALL your paraphernalia. Bongs, papers, pipes etc. Having them around will only make you think about being high even more. Remember to get rid of EVERYTHING. Have you ever tried to quit only to find yourself looking in the couch for weed crumbs or stringing together 3 roaches to make a joint?
Next find activities to replace smoking. Whenever I got the urge to smoke I would exercise and I’ve actually gotten in better shape since I quit. What ever you do, do not replace weed with alcohol as this will bring you down further. Replacing smoking with other activities is actually the main way I learned how to stop smoking pot.
The last and hardest thing for me to do when I figured out how to stop smoking pot was cut ties with friends for a while. If you are around people that don’t want to know how to quit marijuana then you are going to smoke as well. I had to cutoff buddies I had known for years because they constantly pressured me into smoking even though they knew I was trying to quit. If they are you real friends then they will understand your decision and either help you or not smoke around you. That’s what real friends do. Funny thing is when I learned how to stop smoking pot two of my buddies did the same. Your life will change for the better when you learn how to quit marijuana.

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