stress reduction techniques

Stress Reduction Techniques

Stress Reduction and Acceptance
There many things in life that you may find cause you stress, however this does not have to be the case. The only reason they are causing you stress is because you are allowing them too.
This is sometimes hard to accept for many as it is so much easier to blame someone else for the stresses in your life. If you choose to take accountability for your stress then you may become negative about yourself. Doing either of these things may make your life even more stressful, and the next thing you know you are in a spiral of stress, fatigue, and self-doubt.
Accepting things that come your way will reduce resistance to positive thoughts. It is easy to read but how easy is it to do? Below are some tips to help you on the road to acceptance and to a life of blissful fulfillment.
1. Realize that in some way whatever you have to accept was attracted into your world so that you could learn from it
2. Appreciate the stress, for the stress is telling you that you are out of alignment of where you want to be.
stress reduction techniques
3. Stop and write. Write down everything that is good about the stress, the areas that are good in your life, and the things you appreciate.
4. Remember that the stress you are experiencing now will more then likely not matter in a week, let alone a day.
5. Listen to a motivation CD or read an motivation book
6. Watch a funny movie or show. Laughter to this day is still the best relief.
7. Exercise, I know many will skip this, but I don’t mean jog a marathon. Do anything, a walk, 20 sit-ups, anything to boost the endorphins
8. Try aromatherapy, there are many scents that calm the mind and body
9. Learn self-hypnosis or meditation, both of these will help center and bring you back into balance
10. When all else fails, refocus your thoughts on anything else that brings you joy or take a power nap. Many times frustration and stress occur when one is tired and needs rest.
There are, of course, other ways to reduce stress and bring you back into alignment and you need to do what works for you. However, by not accepting the stress as self-induced and recognizing that your thoughts are causing it may prove to be quite detrimental to your life experience.

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