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Stress Relief For Work at Home Moms

As you pour your freshly brewed cup of coffee, you suddenly get the distinct feeling you’re being watched! You slowly turn to find two gorgeous eyes staring at you. Your two-year old is already up and ready to take on the world. This would not be a bad thing, except for the fact that your to-do list is about a mile long and you were really hoping to get some work in before having to drive your other kids to school.
Well, as any mom would do, you turn on your computer and find some good educational toys to keep baby occupied, hoping you will at least be able to reply to some emails. That’s exactly the moment when alarms start going off. Uniforms and backpacks get mysteriously lost. Lunch boxes need to be packed, hair needs to be brushed, shoes will hide in the most obscure of places, traffic will come to a standstill, and nothing, absolutely nothing will get done!
Your day progresses, and try as you may, you find that another day rolls by with your to-do list only growing larger. How can anyone build a business, manage a home, tend to kids, please a spouse and remain sane? Is there stress relief for work at home moms?
Here you will find seven secrets to find stress relief, organize and maximize your time, and still feel like there IS hope for the work at home mom.
1. Plan, plan, plan – I know, it sounds obvious. Plus, you’ve laid out perfect plans everyday only to find that they cause more stress as you find yourself having to readjust your plans. But, the truth is that without a concrete, realistic, plan you will become extremely busy with tasks that do not produce any real results. Start each month with a list of goals you want to achieve that month. Break those goals into measurable tasks, and divide those tasks into weekly and daily goals. Prioritize your goals and focus on the essentials. All other things will fall into place. (Additional tip: Believe it or not, 5 essential goals a day are more than enough, IF they are really oriented towards result-producing actions)
2. Schedule Family Time- One of the main reasons your kids interrupt you while you work is because they want your attention. So, if you schedule time to really share with them, and make them feel appreciated and cared for, they will be a lot more respectful of your work time.
stress relief at home
3. Schedule free time – Any traditional job offers employees two scheduled breaks a day, in addition to lunch time. Do the same for you home business. Schedule breaks and time for stretching, breathing and relaxing. But, keep to the time allotted. Don’t start doing the laundry or cooking dinner, these activities will distract you and consume more time than anticipated.
4. Keep your area organized and clutter-free – It is impossible to concentrate on work if there is a mess everywhere you look. Before you begin your day, or at night before going to sleep, enlist the help of your spouse and/or older kids, and make sure things are put away and your work area is clean.
5. Find Support – This is extremely important. Find other work at home moms either in your area or through the internet. When you start to feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and you will, call on them. They have surely experienced before what you are experiencing now. Share your frustrations, but don’t let that be the topic of the entire conversation. Take some time to bounce around possible solutions and alternative ways of accomplishing your tasks.
6. Ask for Help – Yes, it IS acceptable to ask others to help you. Ask family or friends to baby-sit for the day so you can catch up on things. Ask your spouse to fix or buy dinner every once in a while. Ask your kids to help with the house work. Remind everyone involved that just because you’re home, that doesn’t mean you’re sitting around watching TV all day.
7. Let go of the Wonder Woman Syndrome – You are not now, nor will you ever be, super human. Recognize the signs of exhaustion and give yourself permission to put yourself first every now and then. Ask for alone time when you need it. Don’t feel guilty about dropping the kids off at your mom’s just so you can go home and take a nap! You deserve some time to pamper and care for yourself.
Stress relief is not necessarily about spas and massages. It is definitely NOT about pills or quick remedies. The key to living stress-free is to have the right approach to your day. Every human being on the planet has the same 24 hours to spend each day. So, what makes the difference is how you manage yourself and your actions within that set amount of time we are all given. Recognize your limitations, reward your successes. Remember, you have the most rewarding job in the world! Focus on your motivations for becoming a work at home mom, and then, enjoy the ride!

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