stretch mark cream for men

Stretch Mark Creams – Do Men Really Worry About Stretch Marks?
Stretch marks are not gender specific; they can appear on both women and males. Yes, men get them also! Skin is skin, regardless of gender, and when it is stretched, these marks appear. Quality stretch marks creams can help make the skin more pliable and allow it to stretch more, but the skin also has its limits. These skin defects are ordinarily the result of puberty, growth spurts and weight gain.
Why Do Men Get Stretch Marks?
Among men, stretch marks are ordinarily caused by bodybuilding or lifting weights. When muscles are quickly building up, the skin becomes stretched over the tendons. This is how they develop. Teen boys, because of their fast growth spurts, can develop these skin tears on the arms and legs.
Because men don’t have control over their growth during puberty, they can’t prevent these skin tears from developing. But then, they can observe the rate of muscle growth, as well as their weight, ensuring that they don’t experience weight fluctuations as these can result in these marks developing.
Some men get these marks primarily due to genetics. Men should check if this condition runs in the family. If a man’s father and grandfather had these marks, it is likely that he will have them as well.
stretch mark cream for men
Are Men’s Stretch Marks The Same As Women’s?
Although men get stretch marks, they are less obvious as those that women get. The reason for this lies in a hormone called corticosteroid, which masculine bodies overproduce. This hormone keeps the body in check so that it doesn’t make too much collagen, which is a protein usually found in skin fibers and is responsible for keeping the skin elastic.
But similar to women, men do worry about how they look, and their self-confidence may take a hit when men get stretch marks. It’s a good idea for men to find information on treatment options that are available today. Using treatments like Revitol or TriLastin can help fade these marks so they are barely visible.
How To Eliminate These Unsightly Skin Defects
Stretch marks, once they appear, are impossible to do away with. Men can do a couple of things to make sure they don’t get them. For one, men can keep their skin hydrated by drinking a great deal of water every day. They should also eat more vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts and seeds.
Men don’t usually seek out medical help if they can help it. However, they should see a skin doctor if stretch marks appear and particularly if these marks are causing them to have issues with self-confidence.
Dermabrasion and laser are available as a treatment option. A certified cosmetic surgeon does these procedures. What these treatments do is improve the color and texture of the skin so the marks become less obvious. The downside of these options is that costs can be prohibitive. Stretch mark creams can be the answer for an affordable and convenient option to get rid of these skin defects.

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