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Drug Store Products For Stretch Marks
There is a lot of hype going around about products you can buy in local drug stores to completely remove stretch marks. If you were turned away from a conventional medical treatment for your stretch marks due to lack of insurance coverage or financial backing, there are other alternatives. However, not every product in your drugstore’s topical cream aisle will be effective. Lets go over the few that are the most promoted.
StriVectin-SD Wrinkle and Stretch Mark Cream does not claim to remove stretch marks. The stretchmark is put into the product name because it was originally created to help lighten them, and was later found to be excellent at removing wrinkles.
Cocoa Butter has been clinically and dermatology tested and proven, to help prevent stretch marks from forming. Certain cocoa butters will advertise that they have Elastin and collagen in them, but applying those two ingredients topically is not enough. They need to seep into the skin, and it will take a rather amazing amount of pressure to get the large molecule of Collagen to squeeze through the tightly bound layer of a stretch mark.
stretch mark products
Castor or fish oil is a great moisturizer for your skin. But when people say that it helps stretch marks fade in color, they don’t seem to realize that they naturally do so. These two products will not cause the second layer of skin to absorb the levels of collagen and Elastin that they need.
As for the other drug store products for stretch marks in the same aisle, none of them will make such a bold claim as to change the chemical levels of a stretch mark, because they understand that wrongful advertisement is bad for business. Time does make these marks go away, and that is actually what people are seeing when they apply these Drug store products.
If your going to use a topical cream that you can take home, try something like Revitol that contains ingredients like DL-Penthenol, which has medical studies behind it proving that it helps repair top and second layers of skin. Also, if you are going to take home or order a product, make sure that it has had clinical trials.
To assist you in the process of deciding on which product to use I have put together a summary of the Best Stretch Mark Creams to guide you through to save you valuable time and money.

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