Stretch Marks – The Ugly Curse Of Quick Weight Loss

Stretch Marks – The Ugly Curse Of Quick Weight Loss
Just when you thought that you are actually making yourself look more beautiful by losing weight, you will surely be surprised once your skin begins to show signs of stretch marks. Jumping from a weighty 170 pounds to a gorgeous 120 pounds should make you happy and contented. But that stretch mark is there to ruin the achievement.
Yes, the occurrence of stretch marks is one of the ugly side effects of quick weight loss. For a while there, quick weight loss sounded like a gift from heaven right? Well, think again. Your skin will not be able to quickly adjust after your body suddenly loses inches. Just think of it this way: if your waist line used to measures 36 inches in circumference, how do you think will the same skin look like on a new 27 inches waist line? That excess of 9 inches is going to sag and wrinkle.
So what should you do? Should you just give up on the idea of weight loss? It is as if the devil is asking you to choose between two things and that you can only have one of the two. It is like choosing between a flawless skin and a sexy body. Is it not possible to just have both of them?
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Well, it is possible. However, you will need to apply correct measures in order to avoid getting stretch marks. For instance, you might want to ditch the idea of quick weight loss. That is not to say that you should give up the idea of fat loss altogether. You simply need to take things slowly.
This way, your skin will have time to adjust to your new figure. Besides, it is less likely that a quick weight loss program is healthy. Experts still suggest that safer and slower methods are still the best way to lose fat. So, why should you do things too quickly if there are so many side effects to quick weight loss?
Another good bet to preventing the occurrence of stretch marks is to start applying marks treatment creams during the course of your weight loss program – even before those marks even begin to show up. This is because stretch mark creams are designed to make the skin tighter. By doing so, your skin will be able to adapt to your new figure.
If you start applying treatment creams during the course of your weight loss regimen, your skin will slowly slim down together with your weight loss.
But what if it is already too late for you and those marks are already there because you started your fat loss program before you could read this article? Well, there is still hope really. But if you are going to rely on topical over-the-counter creams, you should not expect results right away. These things take a lot of time to take effect.
If you really want quick results, it is advisable that you seek medical procedures to removing stretch marks. Choices include surgical methods and laser treatments. Just make sure that you get a licensed dermatologist to do the task for you.

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