sunless tanning creams

What Is Sunless Tanning?
Everyone loves a tan. A person can achieve the tanned look, provided he or she lives in an area that has a lot of sunlight, and they can achieve it in a number of ways. The beach is of course the traditional way to get a tan, and some who live near the beach use their front porches and backyards to get the much-needed tan. However, there is a vast population that does not live near the sunny areas, and the only option they had to get a tan was have a vacation in those areas, for quite an amount of time. Now, with newer technology, sunless tanning is possible. Here is some information about sunless tanning.
Tanning is the process of exposing the skin to the sunrays for longer timeframes, which makes the skin healthier, and get a bronzed look all over. Though minor tanning has several advantages, tanning for extremely long periods have some negative repercussions on the body.
Sunless tanning is a process where people can get a tanned and bronzed look by applying lotions and creams. This has been going since the past four decades now, as people became sensible about how much time they are under the sun, after the information about ill effects of the ultra violet rays became popular.
sunless tanning creams
You just need to swipe or swab these lotions and creams on your body, and you will get the required look in about forty-five minutes to one hour. Most of these creams contain dihydroxyacetone, a chemical that reacts with the dead skin cells and therefore changes the skin colour in a simple and harmless manner.
The first products that came out for sunless tanning were quite popular, but people did not like it a lot because of the repercussions – they would get an orange hue later on their body, or it would even discolour in a very unnatural manner. Until date, there are no health ill effects attached to these skin-tanning products.
Sunless tanning comes as a great relief to people who are in the show business. In some cases, they use sunless tanning products to get the look for a particular movie. For example, if an actor does not have the time or resources to spend a month at a beach to get a tan, they can get the required tan with one of these sunless tanning products. These products are quite economical, and anyone who wants to get the said look can buy them over the counter and use them.
Apart from these, there are some pills available too, which maintain that they can give a tan effect to the skin. However, there is little medical proof that the pills work and give the required effect to the skin.
This is some information about sunless tanning. If you are planning to use such products, make sure that you take the opinion of your family doctor. While these products are completely harmless on a general basis, there is a possibility that these might invoke some kind of allergy, depending on your constitution.

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