sunless tanning options

Sunless Tanning Options Explained – Which One Is Best For You?
Sunless tanning is an artificial method of getting a tan without having to expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun. There are three primary methods of getting a sunless tan today. Here they will be explained so you can determine which is best for you.
Sunless Tanning Lotion
This is the least expensive method for tanning without the sun available in the market. It also seems to be the most popular. Vitamins, minerals and herbal are major ingredients of tanning lotions.
With this method you simply apply the lotion, cream, or gel to your skin and within a few hours it turns your skin a darker shade resembling a tan.
The most important thing that you must not forget when you use tanning lotions is, always perform the “stain test”. This will assure you that the lotion has dried up already thus, preventing it from sticking to your clothes or linens or even causing a stain.
Most of these lotions do not have sunscreen that could protect you when you go outdoors. Therefore, if you prefer using tanning lotions, it is best that you apply sunblock to protect yourself from the sun’s damaging effects.
sunless tanning options
The most important thing about this type of self tanning method is that each of the products will react slightly different on the skin of each person. Because everyone has skin characteristics that are different the colors of the tan will be slightly different. It is for this reason you should try a sample of the product before you apply to your complete body, if possible. That way you can see if you like the color of tan you get.
Sunless Spray Tan
Unlike your tanning lotions, spray tanning requires you to go to a tanning salon. You have two options: tan in a booth or get an airbrushed tan.
The spray tan booth releases a mist of tanner solution that usually takes a minute or two. When the whole process is over you will notice the change in your skin color right away and continue to darken over the next few hours. The fake tan solution has DHA that has to react to your skin first before it can create a darker and bronzer color.
The airbrush tan requires a technician who will be responsible for spraying the tanning solution all throughout your body. The treatment can take several hours.
Tanning Pills
Tanning pills contains substance called, canthaxanthin. It is typically used as food coloring. To change your skin’s color, a larger amount has to be ingested and deposited in the skin. Once it has taken effect, the skin’s color changes to an orange-brown color.
Many people are hesitant to use this type of tanning method because they are worried whether it’s safe or not. Many of these pill type tanning products are not FDA approved. So if this is your preference, use with caution.
These are the different methods of sunless tanning that you can choose from. Remember these are just quick fixes, but they will give you a tan look without having to lay out in the sun for hours on end.

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