Sunless Tanning System – 3 Methods That Will Give You Instant Results

Sunless Tanning System – 3 Methods That Will Give You Instant Results
Ever since the trend of having bronze skin became a fad, tanning became a staple activity that is loved by everyone, especially during hot summer days when the sun is always up, bright and ready to give your body a gorgeous tan. However, because of the serious side effects of sun tanning, research paved way to the development of sunless tanning.
If you’re not familiar with sunless tanning, it is basically a method in which you can get a tan without having to expose yourself to the sun. Because of the various discoveries regarding UV rays being harmful to the skin and being a primary cause of skin cancer, it is said that sunless tanning is the safer way to get a tan.
This kind of tanning is also called indoor tanning. Some call it artificial tanning. Nevertheless, one thing’s for sure, you do not have to get sun exposure to get that skin tone that you’ve been dreaming of.
Because of man’s ingenuity, technology has been able to develop different methods on how to get a tan whether indoors or artificially. This why there are now numerous types of sunless tanning methods available for your convenience. Some of them still need to be done by experts, while there are some kinds that you can do yourself in the comfort of your own home.

How effective and satisfying the effect of the finished product or the tan that you get depends on your preferences and level of satisfaction. Some could give you a really natural finish, while some would really look awkward and artificial on you. Choosing which of the methods to use still depends on you.
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Nevertheless, just to give you an idea, here are the best sunless tanning methods that are out on the market today.
1) Airbrush Tanning
This method is fairly new to the realm of sunless tanning. As of now, it is still an emerging technology that is still being developed and furnished. However, the basic procedure includes the use of a liquid that contains the substance DHA or dihydroxyacetone. The liquid is painted on your skin using an airbrush. It has the ability to give you that tanned look for about 5 to 10 days depending on the quality of paint used on you and the force and effort that you apply to get rid of it.
This is a very safe method since the ingredients that are used in the paint are approved by the FDA. Additionally, these are considered to be safer than using commercial tanning beds.

2) Tanning Lotions
Nowadays, you can also get a tan simply by using lotions. There are actually a huge variety of tanning lotions that do not require you to be exposed to the sun. This type of sunless tanning method is considered to be the cheapest of them all.
Additionally, they are the ones that you can see in various stores and are easily accessible. Nevertheless, of all sunless tanning methods, this would be the one that has the least level of efficiency. For most, the issue of efficiency is considered to be uncertain, some are not at all, and of course, there are still some that do work effectively. Generally, these lotions are made up of natural ingredients such as herbs. Most also have minerals and vitamins.
3) Tanning Beds
If you like the feel of heat on your skin, then sunless tanning booths or tanning beds would be your best bet. These basically imitate the sun. The UV rays being used in this kind of machine can vary. There are those that say they only produce UVA rays. You can also encounter those that say the only produce UVB rays.

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