teeth whitening kits

How Teeth Whitening Kits Work

Having yellow or discolored teeth can bring down your self confidence and make you afraid to smile in front of people. That is no way to live. There are countless options to getting a whiter smile and one of the most popular ways is by using teeth whitening kits. It’s one of the most effective, inexpensive and convenient ways to get your teeth whiter. You can buy whitening kits in the grocery or drug store or at your local dentist offices. There are also websites you can buy kits from. You no longer have to live with discolored teeth, you can have reason to smile if you just whiten them.
teeth whitening kits
Teeth whitening kits usually contain a tray and a type of bleaching gel that goes in the tray. The bleach is typically hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and is very effective and bleaching away those stubborn stains caused by all kinds of food and drink. If you are a tea or coffee drinker, you may experience discoloring of your tooth enamel. We can’t always brush immediately after we eat or drink so the particles on the food start to break down the enamel and turn it a brown or yellow color.
If you can’t brush right after eating or drinking, at least try to rinse out your mouth with water, that may help some. If you are tired of looking at your discolored teeth in the mirror, try an at home whitening kit. Place the gel in the tray and then place the tray in your mouth. Most teeth whitening kits require that you leave the tray in for at least an hour, sometimes longer. Some kits require that you keep the mouth tray in overnight to achieve the best results. Make sure to carefully read the instructions on your kit so that you don’t use it too much. Over use of whitening products can make your teeth extra sensitive to hot and cold drinks or foods. This can be an uncomfortable feeling. You can talk to your dentist about relieving some of the symptoms of tooth sensitivity.
Teeth whitening kits are not very expensive. They can range anywhere from £20 up to £100. Depending on the type you get. This is very cheap compared to going to the dentist for a whitening procedure. The dentist can sometimes charge as much as £500 for a professional treatment. And with home teeth whitening kits, you can achieve great results that last a long time. To help your teeth stay white for several months, make sure to brush or rinse your teeth after drinking stain causing food or drink.
Don’t be afraid to smile! Try at home teeth whitening kits and get results fast.

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