teeth whitening solution

Homemade Teeth Whitening Solutions

A lot of us most likely want to have whiter teeth and there are various ways or methods of doing it. Dentists and professionals on the matter offer numerous types of procedures most of which usually require one to visit a clinic or office. But there are also some homemade teeth whitening solutions which you can do on your own, at home.
teeth whitening solution
One of the most basic homemade teeth whitening compound you can do is by using baking soda and some hydrogen peroxide. A teaspoon of your normal baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide of only a few drops mixed to form a paste should do the trick. You can then use this paste for brushing which will surely result to whiter teeth. When you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, you can also use table salt as substitute. You cold mix three parts of baking soda with one part of salt and use it on your teeth using your toothbrush.
Another homemade teeth whitening solution is made by using orange peels and bay leaves. The orange peel should be dried out and the bay leaves powdered. The two ingredients are to be mixed and lined up then rubbed on your teeth gently. It is more like scrubbing to take out unwanted stains. You are most certain of cleaner and whiter teeth if you do this regularly. So before you decide on a professional teeth whitening program, try to make use of some homemade remedies which have been tested and proven effective by several generations before us. It is cheaper, safe and easy to do.
It’s time to whiten your teeth quickly and easily. Read more articles to learn how to save money and still have that sparkling smile you’ve been looking for.

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