the best teeth whitening

Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Procedure for You
Discolored or stained teeth are not a major problem anymore. You’ll find a variety of bleaching solutions available not just in dental clinics, but also in drug stores, spas, and even supermarkets. Each product or procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages. To help you choose the best teeth whitening solution for your teeth, here are some details about every type.
The most affordable and easily available is, perhaps, a box of whitening strips. You can get this from a pharmacy, a supermarket, or a health and beauty store.
the best teeth whitening
Many people who’d like to bleach their teeth usually try this first among all other bleaching solutions. First of all, this is due to its cost. It is the least expensive dental whitening product that you can easily get in the market. Also, it is easy to use. You just need to place a strip over your upper and lower teeth. How long you need to wear the strips would depend on the brand, since the strength of bleaching ingredients varies from brand to brand. However, the bleaching power of strips is not as strong as that of the products used by dentists. This is why you need to do more applications with strips than with in-office solutions to see the results.
If you really want to do your teeth whitening at home, but using a more powerful solution, you can ask your dentist about custom-fit bleaching trays. Your dentist will need to check the condition of your teeth before he makes a customized whitening tray for you. You just need to place a small amount of bleaching gel on the tray, which you will then wear over your teeth for about an hour or two every day. Observable whitening effects can be observed in one or two weeks. Compared to in-office bleaching, this costs lower, but still uses a lower peroxide or bleaching concentrate.
In-office whitening treatments are sought after by people with badly discolored or stained teeth. It uses a high level of peroxide concentrate and dental light beam technology to make teeth much whiter than before. The whitening gel is applied on the teeth and the light beam is directed on the teeth to stimulate the bleaching elements. The light heightens the lightening effect on your teeth. This may be an expensive treatment, but the amazing results can be seen immediately after the first session. Since it is administered by your dentist, you are assured of better and safer results.
Before putting any bleaching product on your teeth, it is best to consult a dental expert first. Know the exact pros and cons of each solution so you only won’t have whiter teeth, but healthy ones, too.

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