The Best Way Use This Safe Tanning Lotion With No Regrets

The Best Way Use This Safe Tanning Lotion With No Regrets
Have you ever known that a tanning lotion is not dangerous to make use of and proven not to cause any skin damage? A safe tanning lotion is easy to apply and usually non-greasy or has no harsh components in it. Sunless tanning lotions are becoming increasingly popular as more people become conscious that these can sustain a healthy glowing skin due to emergent issue over wrinkles and skin cancer from sun damage.
The main issue we face worldwide is not just economy but global warming as well. Many believe that because of this, the sun has become a real hazard to our skin; causing early aging and severe skin issues such as skin cancer. But worry, no more. Sunless tanning lotions are able to keep healthy glowing skin without subjecting yourself to harmful UV rays. But how does it work?
Our skin usually produces melanin. Melanin is a substance that protects our DNA from the damaging rays of the sun. The skin will normally darken as it produces more melanin, creating what we know as tan.

This process is being simulated by sunless tanning lotions, but instead of melanin, they use the chemical called dihydroxyacetone. DHA also known as Dihydroxyacetone develops the color of our skin by acting the amino acids together with dead skin cells, causing a bronze-tan hue.
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A sunless tanning lotion is more ideal for those fair skinned individuals as their skin are more likely to get burn easily rather than tan, especially if they are directly exposed to sun rays. But with tanning lotion, this fair skin will look stunningly beautiful and have no orange effect. But be cautious in choosing the brand, check the label and look for reviews about that several product or better apply the lotion in just one part of your skin. Meaning it’s not good to make use of and may cause patches and orange effects if your skin irritates. Remember, not all products are created equal.
Here are some tips you can follow to get the best results from using best tanning lotions.
First, you must exfoliate the areas you wish to apply the lotion before application. This will help in getting rid of dead skin cells and can prolong the tanned look.

Then, after the application, do not take a shower or take a bath or even use water in order to prevent irregular streaking.
Of course, do not forget to wear gloves when applying the tanning lotion, although it is safe, still it has some chemicals that may harm your sensitive body parts such as eyes. And another reason why you need to wear gloves is to prevent getting orange hands right after the application.
Aside from being FDA approved for safety, a safe tanning lotion is a great product and a fantastic alternative to the sun’s harmful rays. It also dries quickly without drying your skin and can last longer for about a week. Plus, it does not only mimic a natural tan more effectively than ever, but you can ensure that your skin will look healthier, younger and much refreshed as you mature over time.

The Best Way Use This Safe Tanning Lotion With No Regrets

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