thyroid levels

What Do High Thyroid Levels Mean?

Maybe you have heard someone talk about having high thyroid levels, or maybe you have just been told that you have high thyroid levels by your doctor. When you hear something like this, it is easy to become confused as such diagnoses are often misunderstood. But you need to find out what this actually means so that this condition can be treated and controlled.
thyroid levels
Having high thyroid levels means that the thyroid gland, which is situated at the bottom of the neck, is over producing the thyroid hormone. This hormone controls the body’s metabolic rate and having levels in the body that are too high means that your body goes into overdrive – you will lose weight, you will feel tired, you might develop a tremor, your hair can thin, you could get heart palpitations and these are just a few of the symptoms!
As you can see having high thyroid levels is no walk in the park. It is a serious and life changing medical condition that can rule your life, unless you are pro active and do something positive about it. My sister was diagnosed with having thyroid levels that were too high and she was unhappy about taking the pills the doctor gave her. I looked for an alternative and found out about “Thyromine” a supplement that has ingredients all of which work together to regulate the thyroid gland. By the end of the first month of taking “Thyromine” my sister found that she was no longer losing weight and she had started to sleep better at night. By the end of the second month her appetite had returned to normal and she had put on 3lbs! Now 7 months on she looks the picture of health and it is all due to “Thyromine” and she has never looked back.

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