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An Honest Review Of Neutrogena Products For Acne Treatment – Do They Work?

With acne being the most common skin condition, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of different acne products on the market. Neutrogena products for acne treatment is one option to help control your breakouts and you can easily find them in stores. However, although Neutrogena is a good company, their acne treatments may not be your best choice.
There are about 10 different products that Neutrogena offers that are supposed to help fight and prevent acne. These include gels, creams, lotions, cleansing pads and facial washes. With so many Neutrogena products for acne treatment available, it can be difficult to decide which one to use or if any of them will actually help your acne.
Acne treatments tend to fall into three categories: General treatments, specialized treatments and prescription drugs. General treatments are products that address certain issues with your acne but can also be classified as general skin care products. Many of the Neutrogena products fall into this category.
As an example, they offer many facial washes and cleansers that fall into their “acne” product line, but these products aren’t necessarily targeted to eliminate or treat acne. They do get rid of certain bacteria but this is true of all facial washes.
None of the Neutrogena products for acne treatment fall into the prescription drug category. Although your doctor or dermatologist can prescribe certain drugs to treat acne, they can have side effects and are not the safest choice when trying to get rid of acne. The antibiotics only work in the short run, and longterm use can wreck havoc on your immune system.
The most powerful acne drug – accutance – is full of side effects and potentially complications. You can treat your acne much more effectively and with 100% safety by using specialized acne treatments. Specialized acne treatments are designed to fully target your acne. Typically this means that you are using a “system” with multiple stages, not just one product.
top acne products review
To truly cure your acne, you need to address all the problems areas that your acne comes from.
First, you need to take control of the oil on your skin and the amount of oil that your skin glands produce. When you have excess oil on your skin, your pores get clogged and acne breakouts occur.
Second, you need to destroy the acne causing bacteria that builds up on your skin and unclogs your skin pores. If this bacteria is left untreated, your existing acne will survive and new zits will form.
Third, you want to control inflammation, irritation and redness on your skin. This is often overlooked – in fact many general acne products actually cause inflammation or irritation. This can make existing acne look worse and give life to new pimples.
Lastly, it’s a huge help if you have something that rejuvenates your skin and provides it with the nourishment it needs to be at it’s healthiest.
The problem with Neutrogena products for acne treatment is that they don’t take the full approach to treating acne. If you miss any of the above steps, you won’t fully get rid of your problem. You may make it slightly better at first, but in the long run your acne will come back and you won’t be able to be fully happy with the results.
Neutrogena offers a product called “Neutrogena Advanced SolutionsComplete Acne Therapy System” that is their version of a specialized acne solution. However, it misses the mark on a couple areas. The system does do good job of killing bacteria and providing nutrients to your skin, but it doesn’t do anything to truly control the oil on your skin. Nor does it specifically target redness and inflammation.
It isn’t an awful product, but it won’t make you acne free. There are a few options out there that are a lot better and are proven to cure acne. You can read reviews at my website if you have acne and are serious about getting rid of it.
All in all, Neutrogena products for acne treatment will provide you with limited help towards treating your acne but won’t go the full mile. You need a more complete and specialized system to attack your acne fully. By using an acne treatment that treats your acne from all angles and at the root of the problem, you can 100% get rid of your acne and have the beautiful, clear skin you truly want.

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